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Hang-Dry Made in America

Hang-Dry Made in America

Stop putting on a wet soggy smelly race suit before your next race. These Hang-Dry units make a big difference when it comes to racing; we use them all the time, especially on hot muggy days. They also work great on race leathers, Fireman suits, Scuba gear, Hunting gear, Surf gear even Fencing uniforms. Many of the top IMSA, FARA and SCCA teams use them as well. Whelen Engineering, Wayne Taylor Racing, Alex Job, Hubbell Racing, Gilbert racing,  Champ GT3 and many more.  Don’t buy the cheap imitations that break or don’t even work correctly. Don’t spend thousands making special set ups that take up space. Trust me we have tried them all and nothing is as good, affordable and effective as a Hang-Dry. Stop beating around the bush and get the one and only Hang-Dry. Comes in various colors, Plus you can personalize them as well. Please specify if it is for 110V or 220V and what country it will be used in so we can make the appropriate plug.

What is Hang-Dry®?

•Hang-Dry® is used to dry many different suits and gear with the use of a high-powered fan.

•Hang-Dry® is built out of strong plastic and has a 12ft cord.

•The Hang-Dry® is built to support around 100 lbs and the handle is used for transporting convenience.

•The plastic tubular shape forces the air through the suit with pressure.

•The fan is built out of die-cast aluminum housing and the impeller is steel that is directly welded onto the rotor. The fan is also built with a ball bearing.

•The fan motor’s output is 250.1 cfms.

•Hang-Dry® comes with a one-year warranty, which is activated on date of purchase.

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