William Hubbell Biography

Born San Juan, PR. As a young child I was attracted to cars. My Father raced midgets back in the 50’s and he had some success racing. He would take me too many races as a kid. My Mother was from Argentina and saw Fangio race first hand, she was a racing fan as well. So I guess you can say I grew up surrounded by racing. My Hero’s are many in the racing world, but a few stand out. Mario Andretti as he has raced all types of cars, F1, INDY, NASCAR, IMSA  and won multiple races.  JPS (Johnnie Player Special) racing car colors as you can tell from my car. Carrol Shelby,  for taking on the world of motor racing and beating them at their own game. Enzo Ferrari and Lamborghini for creating such wonderful works of art we drive. I enjoy all types of racing but my heart is with road racing, where I currently drive my Coyote Chassis DP Corvette.